New NEC Server series Come With Built-In Batteries

NEC is expanding its venerable Express5800 server series with a new rack mounted version that comes with hot-swappable battery packs.

The previously and still available Express5800/E120d-1 1U rack will ship in a version with two battery packs.

NEC said that if both batteries are leveraged ,the server can provide up to 100 watts of power for up to 15 minutes and 30 seconds . Compared to a setup that uses a traditional UPS, the battery pack saves about 18 percent of power, the company said.The server's maximum power consumption of 311 watts can be  supported for up to 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

At this time, the battery-powered rack server is offered only in Japan for 316,000 yen, or about $3,750. The price includes a single battery, as well as a server with an Intel Xeon E5-2407 (2.20 GHz) processor without memory (up to 386 GB) and hard drives (up to 4 TB, 4 x 1 TB).

NEC wills ship the first servers on December 26 and said that it may make the devices available outside Japan as well.

In addition to the battery-powered server, NEC also announced the new model Express5800/E110d-M, which targets ultra-dense rack servers and is available with Pentium 1403 or Xeon E5-2407 processors, up to 192 GB of memory and up to 4 TB of storage space (4 x 1 TB). Prices start at 201,000 yen, or $2,385.

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