IBM Teams With Acxiom To Deliver Consumer big data Analytics

Just last week, IBM announced a suite of tools and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to enable big data analytics. The release of IBM's Data Science Experience offers big data analysts and data scientists a wide range of new features, including machine learning analytics and the ability to blend new data sources with existing architectures.

But what is a great tool without great materials? Now that the data scientists have the Data Science Experience for a data toolkit, it's time to give them even more data to analyze. Already boasting an impressive 250 curated data sources, IBM has announced that it has teamed up with Acxiom
to offer organizations an analytics tool to get insights from a very large, curated pool of consumer data that includes behaviors and buying habits. Acxiom focuses on marketing and information services and offers customer and business data collection, analysis and parsing services.

IBM and Acxiom are hoping that this will help address one of the key problems with big data analysis. Only after that is done can you get to the heart of the problems and dive in to gain insights. That is, that too much time is spent setting up data, getting it prepared and ready for analysis.This new initiative aims to streamline the process.

By providing a ready-to-ingest data source and the tools to get insights from the data, Acxiom is able to present some of its in-house analytics technologies in coordination with the large scale offering and data sources that IBM has been amassing. For IBM the partnership adds another powerful tool, able to deliver rapid insights from complex datasets.

"As clients look for speed and accuracy to improve outcomes, the journey is not just about rich, curated customer profile data, but how you can predict customer behavior and engage them in interactions relevant to them," said Alistair Rennie, GM of Solutions at IBM Analytics. "In order to drive faster time to value, it is necessary to develop ecosystems that provide data and analytics solutions to deliver the best possible decision making in the face of a dynamic market place. Our customer analytics strategy is to help clients with their data, analytics, actions and outcomes."