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Reviewing Asus Strix GL702VM-DB71 Gaming Laptop


Asus impressed us last month with the Strix GL502DB-71 because of its excellent performance and attractive price point. Today, we’re looking at the Asus Strix GL702VM-DB71. It also comes with a 6th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, an Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU, and 16GB of memory, making it practically the same as the Strix 15, but in 17" form. Will the Strix 15’s larger brother give it a run for its money?

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How Technology Improve Campus Security


College campuses aren’t inherently more dangerous than other areas of the country, but with so many young people packed in one place, security is a natural concern. Campus shootings and attacks, rape culture, and other high-profile incidents are putting a spotlight on the importance of campus security, and colleges across the country are looking to new forms of technology to help address student and parent worries.

So how are colleges pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with security technology?

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Hackers disrupt shopping during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend


Recent high-profile distributed denial of service attacks on the Internet's infrastructure and an investigative journalist's website have spiked concerns over possible disruptions of traffic during the biggest online shopping weekend of the year.
According to Adobe,online spending last year exceeded US$5.8 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and that figure is expected to be even higher this year.

"If you want to mess with the economy, that's the most disruptive time to do that," said John Wu, CEO of Gryphon.

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Hackers have stolen information of more than 400 million users of Friend Finder Networks


Hackers have stolen information of more than 400 million users of Friend Finder Networks, which runs several adult dating and pornography websites, LeakedSource reported earlier this week.

Last year, hackers accessed 4 million accounts, exposing information on users' sexual preferences and extramarital affairs.This is Friend Finders' second breach in two years.

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DNA may have a similar impact in the fight to eradicate malicious software


It's widely known that human DNA evidence has had a major impact in the criminal justice system. Now another kind of DNA may have a similar impact in the fight to eradicate malicious software.

Malware DNA, also known as "malware provenance," is the art and science of attributing elements of one object to another object. The technique has applications outside information security -- for example, in genetics, or to test the authorship of student papers.

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Get a Fire HD 6 Tablet Reburbished For Just $45 With Code IDG11


If you've had your eye on Amazon's Fire HD 6 Tablet, but haven't pulled the trigger, you may want to consider buying it refurbished before end of day this Wednesday, because if youuse our code IDG11 at checkout you'll activate an additional 20

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FairWare Hackers May Take Ransoms


The latest ransomware intrusion that targets Linux servers, dubbed "FairWare," may be a classic server hack designed to bilk money from victims with no intent to return stolen files after payment in bitcoins is made.

Tech support site Bleeping Computer earlier this week reported the threat, based on server administrator comments on its forum. Other reports followed.

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HP launches laptops with privacy-guarding displays


HP has announced a new set of EliteBook laptops with an adjustable privacy screen. The new technology, dubbed Sure View, will be available on both the EliteBook 840 and 1040 and can be turned on or off with the press of a button. By default, the laptop enjoys fairly wide viewing angles typical of most systems these days. Hit the button and the angle drops substantially, making the screen effectively invisible to those on either side and difficult to see even for those sitting behind you.

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The 15 best laptops you can buy in 2016


Notebooks once thought to be replaced by tablets are more plentiful and diverse than ever between gaming laptops that hook up to liquid-coolers, thin and light Ultrabooks to incredibly affordable Chromebooks. Even Microsoft has gotten into the game with the Surface Book, the company's first ever laptop.Laptops are on the rise again thanks to Windows 10's arrival, Nivida's efficient Maxwell graphics cards, and fresh new Skylake processors from Intel.

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